The Game is Rigged (against women)

Have you ever noticed that sometimes it seems like the corporate/social/education/governmental "game" is rigged against you? The guy in the next cubicle sits on his duff all day but gets your promotion? The kid of the couple down the block is a hooligan and seemingly with the brains of a turnip but is placed in the last spot in the best magnet school?

It is clear that sometimes the game is "rigged" in unobvious ways. It wasn't the "what you know" or even "who you know" that determined these slings and arrows that frustrate you. You had the "pull" or whatever and still came out behind what you should have gotten.

It turns out that the game really is "rigged". After 30 some years of frustration and perplexity, I finally identified a number of things that "tilt the playing field", create unequal rules of engagement, or just plan force you to run into a "headwind" when your peers have a tailwind. These keep people from being as successful as they should be.

I found that it isn't the big things we can see, but a number of inconsequential "little things" that cause people to lose out; intrinsic parts of our environment that we all accept.
=> Just watch in any small group discussion: deep voice wins the argument: a person with a deeper voice will have an unfair advantage in gaining attention and being remembered for their "great" contribution.

This series of articles will explore a number of items that create headwinds that can impede and hinder your progress. It makes your tasks harder than that crumb in the next cube/house/building. Once knowledgeable about these headwinds, you may be able to avoid losing opportunities and rewards you deserve.